Monday, 4 December 2017

From making soaps to learning dinning etiquette kids make most of their vacation

featured imageThane: After Diwali and Summer vacations when school reopens, most students get an assignment to write an essay on how did you send your vacation? Well, by engaging themselves in various activities and workshops, students have started making the most of their vacation time by learning something creative. From attending soap-making classes to warli paintings to learning the Mandala art form, some of the more intrepid are also taking tutions on dining and table etiquette and grooming sessions, to keep themselves occupied. City-based Pallavi Samant-Desai, who conducts various programs and workshops for children said, "Our soap-making classes are widely popular with the kids. Students who are eight and above are taught in batches of 10 so that even the teachers can give them full attention. All the supplies are provided and the art is taught step by step. From which essential oils to add, colors, shape, texture to give to the soap base, all these components make learning fun for the youngsters." Personality development and grooming classes for the young adults which include dinning etiquette and table manners were also one of the preferred options.

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